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How to fill out ds-260 Form: What You Should Know

S. Citizens you do not need to provide this information. If you do not have a Social Security number, there will be a Social Security Number Questionnaire on the DS-260 form. · If you are an illegal alien, you will need to show proof of the alien's legal status in the United States. You may find information on how to prove your legal status here and here. · Please be aware, that these documents may be denied if your circumstances are deemed “exceptionally high” or “extreme” so if you have a lot of money and cannot afford to pay for the cost of the application and other costs, the consulate should be notified before you try to apply. What If The Consulate Does Not Have The Documents You Need? As a matter of course if the consulate is not able to verify who you are or has questions about your immigration status and/or immigration history, they will ask for an application fee. You must pay this fee. You may find full information on the application process here. · In the event that the consular office does not require these documents to complete the review, you will need to pay fees for additional required documents. If the consulate requires a paper copy, you must pay a paper fee, if they have your DS-260 form online.  Form DS-261: Visa Extension/Denial Hearing What Is Form DS-261?  DS-261 is the immigrant visa extension/denial hearing where DHS will look at your file and decide if you may maintain permanent residency in the United States. What The Consulate Will Do If You Receive A Denial: If ICE or DHS denies your application for a green card, it means that they believe you cannot be allowed to stay in the United States given certain facts and circumstances. It does not mean that the applicant is disqualified for receiving a green card. You can contest the denial in the following ways: · Go to the hearing itself and present any facts, supporting documents or arguments that might have been overlooked during the administrative review process. · Re-apply for the green card at some point during the process, but you may need to come to the hearing only to re-state your legal situation. As an immigrant visa applicant, it is your obligation to prove your ability to contribute to the U.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to fill out ds-260 form

Instructions and Help about How to fill out ds-260 form

Hi everybody this is John from you Simone the welcome back and thanks for watching future first time on my channel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys to this video part 4 of the video how to fill up from des 260 immigrant visa application if you want to know something about it stay tuned and I'll be right back USA moon immigration law violation you read all these you know have you ever been the subject of a removal or deportation hearing yes yes you if it's no check no do we through all this and check the correct radio button so you continue if immigration law violation - all right over here have you ever been unlawful present or already removal from the US during the last ten years you check the correct on radio button fees yes check yes if it's no check no read through all these and check they all read radio button and then this one this is the miscellaneous on questions you have to answer so you read through all this that the first one is happy even have you evil with hell custody of a US citizen child outside the United States from a person grant legal custody by a US Court if he's eh Jake yes yes plaintiff is natured no you're gonna read through all these and check the correct radio button okay they are very important don't miss anything not a miscellaneous or information but the first one year are you a health care worker seeking to perform such work in the United States but have no year receive certification from the Commission on graduate or from foreign on nursing school or from an equivalent approved independent credentialing organization the education as plaintiff is...