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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ds 260 sample 2021

Instructions and Help about ds 260 sample 2021

Seconds I'm going to talk about the DV lottery this is the pays you come to check the status once you click on the check status button here you're gonna see this page here where you enter your confirmation number and your last name and the year of birth once you prthat on the next page it's gonna tell you if you won or not if you have been selected and link right here look on this DV selected state gob website you're gonna be on this page where it has step-by-step instruction what to do when you after you are selected it talks about filling out the dias two-sixty form right away you said carefully read each and every line of this instruction to better understand the process on the next page it talks about filling out the form again ds2 60 and then preparing supporting document as soon as you fill out this form you should immediately start preparing all the document listed over here and it talks about the interview process you know what you need during the interview how to prepare for an interview and if you need to change the interview medical examination and so on so far link for form 260 and then it's gonna take me right here once you click on ds2 60 if the last name comma first name and on the start now button first page it talks about getting started and this is step by step process it just explains everything I want you guys to pause for a minute and just read this first sentence here prtrue and complete answers to all questions you're being asked make sure you prall accurate information check on I certify that I've read and understand once you do that this next page you're gonna see these are all the sections like we just reviewed the getting started pace and after that you'll be entering your personal information 1 & 2 address and phone family previous years travel work education training security and background Social Security number before you finish the in form so again right here it talks about you know it could take at least 120 minute to complete this entire form like two hours so first section your personal information you got to pryour last name and then your given name your first name right here and here is the example right here and on the right hand side helps and tips you know what to enter and a full name in native alphabet so if your alphabet is different than English you may not be able to enter it in my case I couldn't enter it it is different than English so I just clicked on technology not available it asked you about your other names or aliases next your gender marital status and date of birth city of birth state and country the next page you're gonna pryour nationality and your document.