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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ds 260 processing time

Instructions and Help about ds 260 processing time

Hello and welcome to virtual Nepali Channel this is our second video about the u.s. immigration a few months ago we posted how to fill out the des 260 also known as the immigration visa and alien registers and application form we thank you for liking that video and wanted to give you an update we submitted des 260 forum on May 15th and received our second letter on November 15th it took six months here is my second letter it shows interview location date and time and read this letter very carefully and follow the instructions you see here it also has a deadline you have to obtain your visa here are the documents we prepared for this interview again it may vary by countries and individuals first step was to set up an appointment for medical examination this is what we Teresa interview letter also known as second letter passport and three recently taken password size color photos and here are other dogs that may be applicable to you we paid $240 which may vary depending on your past immunization there was a big line and it took four hour for the entire process afterward they handed an immunization record and was asked to come back four days letter for the rest of medical records for days letter they handed yellow and brown envelopes yellow sealed envelope was for the interview and brown for an ingress and officer when entering the United States next we needed a police report went to Katmandu Metropolitan Police office here is their website to fill out the form online you can also fill out a paper at the location submitted original and Poteau copy of citizenship and passport to past were size color photo is also required need 10 rupees stamp they kept copies and handed back original police report was ready after three business days after receiving the police report went to Department of conservices at trooper a sort which I thought was on this but again that's their process and here is their website to fill out a form online you have to pay 200 repeats and the entire process took about 45 minutes sparing for the interview may required all are some of these documents listed below original and a photocopy of passport to color passport size photos confirmation pays from the ds2 60 application or is no and copy of your birth certificate if applicable original or certified copies are birth certificate for all children constamped police report from above yellow envelope after your medical exam original school certificates also known as SLC or tenth grade and +2 or twelfth grade $330 for each applicant there seems to be a lot of confusion about this but sponsorship letter is not required for DV winner I want to thank you again for watching and don't forget to watch my next episode on how to prepare for a US visa interview to find out what goes on.


How do I know how long will it take to get my DS 260 alien registration and immigration visa out of undergoing administrative processing?
Who do I get in contact with regarding my DS 260 alien registration and immigration visa that is undergoing administrative processing?
How much time will it take for mailing to interview after submitting the DS-260 form?
I am assuming that you mean from mailing your checklist with supporting documentation to the National Visa Center (NVC) to interview?It usually takes NVC 2–8 weeks to review the documents. If all is OK , you will get a “case complete” from NVC. Then, NVC will schedule your embassy interview. That can take another 2 weeks to do.Your embassy interview date depends on the schedule and availability at the embassy. Most embassies run about 1 month fully booked. Therefore, you embassy interview will be 1 - 2 months after that.This also gives you time to do your medical.I write free information and articles on long distance relationships, navigating the US visa process for fiancé and spouse, and adjusting to new life in the USA. See my website and blog on my information page.
Can a Diversity Visa winner increase their chance of being called for an interview by filling out DS-260 more quickly/earlier than other applicants?
I know that there is an assumption that a certain number of people who win will change their minds and not want to go, so there are more applicants who win than there are visas available. It is certainly conceivable that if the total available visas is hit while you haven’t yet filled the form, you will not be included.In addition, some people delay for so long that they don’t meet the deadline, or the system is so busy with last-minute applicants that they can’t finish the form on time, but that’s a different issue.It is always a good idea to do the form as soon as possible, just to be sure it’s accepted and is valid. If any part of my answer is incorrect and someone dealing with the DV from the processing end knows, I hope they’ll correct me.
How much time do we have to send the completed DS 260 and all other documents after we get the online ID?
You really have a long time to do this, as I was just reading the other day that the application process is valid for something like a year, and if it’s going to take longer than that you just have to notify the government. I know in our case I did my wife’s DS 260 form about a month after her I-130 was approved. Then it was another 3 months until I submitted her confirmation along with the Packet 3 documents.
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