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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ds 260 processing time 2022

Instructions and Help about Ds 260 processing time 2022

Hi Tom today we're going to talk about the National Visa Center processing and some updates since we last talked there have been a lot of changes remind everybody what is the National Visa Center well after your visa petition is approved by immigration it is sent to the National Visa Center and the National Visa Center is part of the US Department of State it is a centralized facility that acts as a clearinghouse for your green card application and all of your supporting documents the National Visa Center schedules the consulate interview once they are satisfied that you have paid all the fees filed all the necessary forms and provided the originals of all the supporting documents in the case besides the applicants original birth certificate other family documents does the National Visa Center want from the applicant if the applicant has ever been married they will be expected to prthe marriage certificate but what if the applicant has been divorced or had a marriage annulled if the marriage has ended for any reason the termination of the marriage must be documented this usually means the divorce decree what if the applicant is widowed does the applicant still have to prtheir prior marriage certificate generally yes in circumstances where the spouse is deceased the applicant should prtheir marriage certificate and a certified copy of the spouses death certificate what other trends do you see in the National Visa Center Tom well the National Visa Center is asking for more of the original documents that were submitted to the immigrations service with the original visa petition this is particularly true for the documents of the petitioner for example it is very common now for the National Visa Center to request the petitioners birth certificate as well are there any other documents the National Visa Center wants from the petitioner yes if the petitioner is married the National Visa Center will also want a certified copy of their marriage certificate have there been any new developments regarding the birth certificates of applicants if the birth certificate was not issued at the time of birth it is called a delayed registration birth certificate now this is very common in India and Afghanistan where it is customary to register the birth at a later date if the National Visa Center receives a delayed registration birth certificate they may ask for further documentation of the parent-child relationship this kind of secondary evidence usually takes the form of old school records medical records or church records that include the parents name on the paperwork a typical example would be a baptismal or confirmation certificate another example is a stool school transcript that lists the parents name yet another example is an immunization record with the parents name on the record what if the person does not have any secondary records of the parent-child relationship well if that is extremely rare because there is usually something even if it is just.


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