Form DS-260

Common Errors on DS-260 Immigrant Visa Application


If you decide to visit the U.S., you have to prepare a package of documents first. According to them you will be considered an eligible person who can enter the territory of the U.S. without any obstacles. However, no travel is possible without a permition. In case a foreign individual wants to move to the country for a permanent residence, he/she has to get an immigrant visa. The process of applying for it will be much simpler with a form DS-260, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application.

However, completing a sample is not the last step. A person can face some difficulties and make some errors related to filling or submitting a paper on time. In this article you will find information about the common pitfalls that will definitely help you to avoid them.

Most Frequent Mistakes on DS-260 Form?

The process of creating a PDF blank DS-260 is not complicated. However, a documents contains a number of various questions. They are required for evaluating an alien citizen`s eligibility to enter and stay on the territory of the U.S. In some cases people can do certain errors that prevent them from a desirable result - receiving a visa. An application may not be accepted in case you:

  • provide insufficient information;
  • falsify important aspects;
  • submit your completed file to the wrong address;
  • don`t enclose all the requested additional documentation;
  • make crossing outs or erasures in a paper.

How to Fill out Properly?

1) If you want to create your immigrant application correctly, you have to refer to the instructions first. After learning them, you have to specify all the required data. They have to be true and sufficient. Look through the list of them:

  • personal information;
  • family details (parents, spouse, children);
  • 5 previous visits to the U.S. (if any);
  • work and education;
  • SSN.

2) To avoid unnecessary erasures and have an ability to effortlessly make corrections in a sample, choose a fillable DS-260 template in PDF. You can easily type and delete the text in fillable fields.

3) Note that a final version of a blank has to filed with the Department of State together with a supplementary papers. Hower, be sure to receive a confirmation to your email after it is processed and approved. In some cases you can be invited to a consulate for an interview where you can be asked to explain in details some answers.