Form DS-260

What Is Form DS-260 Used for?


The Form DS-260 is called the online Immigrant Visa Application & Registration. It is used to collect the required information about an applicant for an immigrant visa. It is possible to complete and submit this document online straight to the Department of State using the Consular Electronic Applications Center (CEAC). Every applicant, even children must have their own DS-260 form.

So, if you have an Internet access, there are only two steps to take. Get your own NVC Case Number in the message from NVC. Get your own Invoice I.D. data the same way. If you are a Diversity Visa applicant, you must use your diversity visa case number, that refers to your selection notification on the E-DV website.

It is obligatory to fill this sample in English otherwise, the paper may be rejected. The latter leads to the necessity to log back into the Consular Electronic Application Center and provide your answers again.

How to Сomplete the Form DS-260?

Usually fillable sample DS-260 covers 11 pages to be completed. Include the following items into the blank fields:

  • Personal details, address, phone or email.
  • Document type and ID.
  • Issuance and expiration dates.
  • Case number in the format of year-region-case.
  • Answer the question listed in the document.

All the data you provide is automatically certified as true and correct. Otherwise, there is a risk to be rejected. The fields that are marked as “Optional” may be left blank. It is also possible to choose a “Does Not Apply” option if the field to complete doesn’t apply to you. In other cases, any empty space may cause the error message. The message appears only if you are not allowed to submit an application until you complete all the spaces required.

You may check the status of your template (not started, incomplete, submitted) by visiting CEAC website. There is no need to bring the printed version to your interview, because your interviewer definitely has the full access to your application online. To get additional information, contact the National Visa Center.