Form DS-260

How to Submit Visa Application Form DS 260 Online?


A person who wants to enter the United States must have an appropriate permission. For this purpose you have to apply for a permition that will further allow you to visit the country. The type of a paper can differ according to the purpose of entering. If you want to move to the U.S. for permanent residence, you need to obtain an immigrant visa. In this case you should prepare and file a form DS-260, immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application. To create a document correctly and get a desired result we offer you to refer to the information below. Here you will find a short guide for filling out a sample and a list of details required.

Who Can File Form DS-260?

The form DS 260 sample should be submitted by an immigrant visa applicant. Note that if you are going to move with your family, each member has to complete a separate blank. In case an applicant is under 14, a paper must be filled out by his/her parents. To avoid any mistakes, delays or even rejection you can consult the attorney prior to creating your example.

To accomplish the process of creating a form DS-260 online you can use a fillable template in PDF. You need just to insert all the requested details into fillable fields and further submit it to a recipient. The completed blank can be saved to a computer or printed out effortlessly for a paper copy. However, be aware that this blank is generally filed online.

How to Fill out an Immigrant Visa Application?

First you have to find a digital sample on the internet. A form DS-260 is a bulky document with a number of lines that have to show the nexts information:

  • personal data;
  • family details (parents, spouse, children);
  • 5 previous visits to the U.S. (if any);
  • work and education;
  • SSN.

Where to File Form DS-260?

A completed application has to be submitted to the Department of State. This template is usually filed electronically. Note that DS 260 version sent online will be considered and processed much more quickly than its paper copy. Creating a digital blank you can easily send it to a recipient straight from the source.